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MICCAI 2016 - Athens - Greece: Awards

MICCAI Society "Enduring Impact Award" 2016

Awarded to David Hawkes

  • 1ST degree Physics, Oxford;
  • Masters in Radiobiology, Birmingham; PhD Surrey
  • Founder and Director, Centre for Medical Image Computing, University College London 2005-2015

Medical Image Analysis Best Paper Award 2016

Elsevier MedIA Prize 2016 awarded to:

Sailesh Conjeti, Amin Katouzian, Anees Kazi, Sepideh Mesbah, David Beymer, Tanveer F. Syeda-Mahmood, and Nassir Navab

For their paper entitled: Metric hashing forests. Med Image Anal. 34 (2016), pp. 13-29

Young Scientist Publication Impact Award 2016

Kitware Inc, Young Scientist Publication Impact Awarded to:

Stefan Bauer from MICCAI 2011

Paper entitle"Fully Automatic Segmentation of Brain Tumor Images Using Support Vector Machine Classification in Combination with Hierarchical Conditional Random Field Regularization”, Stefan Bauer, Lutz Nolte, Mauricio Reyes University of Bern, Switzerland

  • Over 100 citations
  • Method integrated into clinical workflow
  • Problem/data became the basis of the Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation (BRaTS) challenges at MICCAI 2012 and 2013

MICCAI Society Young Scientist Awards 2016

Awarded to:

Xiaohuan Cao, paper entitle Learning-based Multimodal Image Registration for Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy

Dogu Baran Aydogan, paper entitle “Probabilistic Tractography for Topographically Organized Connectomes”

Amir Jamaludin, paper entitle “SpineNet: Automatically Pinpointing Classification Evidence in Spinal MRIs”

Daniel Moyer, paper entitle A Continuous Model of Cortical Connectivity”

Benjamín Gutiérrez-Becker, paper entitle “Learning Optimization Updates for Multimodal Registration”

The MICCAI Society Young Scientist Awards Runners up were:

Amir Jamaludin (#117)

Caleb Rottman (#292)

Miaomiao Zhang (#308)

Qi Dou (#399)

Mingxia Liu (#410)

Robert DiPietro (#514)

Xiaohuan Cao (#580)

Jameson Merkow (#680)

Benjamín Gutiérrez-Becker (#779)

Dogu Baran Aydogan (#817)

Colin Brown (#840)

Oualid Benkarim (#988)

Daniel Moyer (#1171)


IJCARS MICCAI 2015 Special Issue Best Paper Awarded to:

Marco Esposito, Benjamin Busam, Christoph Hennersperger, Julia Rackerseder, Nassir Navab, Benjamin Frisch

Paper entitle: “Multimodal US-Gamma Imaging using Collaborative Robotics for Cancer Staging Biopsies”

Travel Awards 2016

  • Arslan, Salim
  • Azizi, Shekoofeh
  • Becker, Benjamin Gutierrez
  • Bise, Ryoma
  • Brown, Colin
  • Burgos, Ninon
  • Chen, Geng
  • Chen, Sihong
  • Dhamala, Jwala
  • Dhungel, Neeraj
  • Dipietro, Robert
  • Dou, Qi
  • Gao, Zhifan
  • Havaei, Mohammad
  • Huo, Yuankai
  • Jamaludin, Amir
  • Jiang, Menglin
  • Kakileti, Siva Teja
  • Karaymak, Suheyla Cetin
  • Korez, Robert
  • Lin, Jianyu
  • Liu, Mingxia
  • Merkow, Jameson
  • Moyer, Daniel
  • Nahlawi, Layan
  • Nogues, Isabella-emmanuella
  • Owen, David
  • Paknezhad, Mahsa
  • Papastylianou, Tasos
  • Payer, Christian
  • Pezold, Simon
  • Polzin, Thomas
  • Quan, Tran Minh
  • Rempfler, Markus
  • Rohe, Marc-michel
  • Santos-ribeiro, Andre
  • Shin, Seung Yeon
  • Uneri, Ali
  • Varol, Erdem
  • Wang, Chendi
  • Wetzl, Jens
  • Xie, Long
  • Xie, Yuanpu
  • Yang, Lin
  • Yao, Jiawen
  • Zhang, Jie
  • Zhang, Qiang
  • Zhao, Qingyu
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