History of the MICCAI Student Board

In 2010, the MICCAI board initiated a social media presence, which was coordinated by Hakim Achterberg and Adrian Dalca through a Facebook group, which now boasts nearly 1000 members, and is managed by the MSB. Additionally, Hakim organised the first student social events during MICCAI 2011 in Toronto - a pub night and a bus trip to the Niagara Falls.

During MICCAI 2012, the MICCAI student board helped a group of students to organise a student career event as well as a student social trip. Given the success of these events, it was agreed to try to organise similar events for the future MICCAI conferences. To ensure continuity and mandate, the MICCAI board formally acknowledged the MICCAI Student Board as part of the MICCAI organisation.

student Board Members


Lena Filatova - President (and Professional Student Events co-officer)

Danielle Pace - Educational Officer

Roxane Licandro - Professional Student Events Officer

Duygu Sarikaya - Public Relations Officer

Mathias Unberath - Social Events Officer

Shekoofeh Azizi - Social Events Officer

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